As a company trusted by all stakeholders, we are committed to fulfilling our
social responsibilities, enhancing our corporate value, and strengthening
our management foundation with an emphasis on “ESG” (Environment,
Society, and Governance) for sustainable corporate growth.

Sustainable Environmental Conservation Initiatives

Global Environmental Protection

In order to safeguard the global environment, we exercise stringent control over every step of our waste management process when discharging industrial water used in manufacturing to prevent contamination with harmful pollutants. Additionally, we regulate the pH of the wastewater at our treatment facility to maintain its neutrality before releasing it into the environment.

Renewable Energy

As part of our efforts to address the issue of global warming, we use renewable energy for manufacturing. In addition, we have installed solar panels on the factory premises and are promoting energy-saving air conditioning systems in an effort to achieve a decarbonized society.


In order to conserve our limited resources, we collect and reuse the product cases and spools used for bonding wire, our main product, from our customers.

Green Procurement

As a member of the electronics industry’s supply chain, we are dedicated to advancing green procurement practices that take into account the well-being of the global environment.

Sustainable Social Responsibility Initiatives

Improvement of Customer Satisfaction

In order to improve customer satisfaction, we will stably supply high-quality products that meet customer requirements and expectations based on the IATF16949 quality management system, and develop and supply original, high-value-added products.

Human Resource Development

Based on our belief that “manufacturing is human development,” we are actively engaged in human resource development by providing numerous opportunities for our employees to grow, such as training programs for each level of employees and subsidies for correspondence courses and language schools.

Sustainable Governance Initiatives


We will follow with the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct (*), which is the CSR standard of the electronics industry, and ISO14001, etc., in order to realize a sustainable society. We will promote sustainability activities in various aspects such as, labor and human rights, health and safety, environment, ethics and supply chain.

* Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct