Dr. Takashi Yamada


Established as a joint venture between Nippon Steel Corporation and Matsuda Sangyo Co. Ltd in 1987, we have been aiming to be a technology contributor of sophisticating semiconductor packaging industry and engaged in the development of materials of innovation. Our palladium coated copper wire, EX1, was made in mass production for the first time in the world in 2009 and had been adopted by our customers all across the globe, earning us a high level of trust and satisfaction. It was such an honor that we were able to make a significant contribution to the industry through our material innovation.

It is predicted that the social development would accelerate through digital innovation and carbon neutral society in the future, and we will continue to develop human resources of next generation, challenge the tasks ahead of us boldly and quickly, and contribute to the further development of society by fully utilizing our specialty knowledge as a leading company of bonding wire. We kindly ask for your continued support and encouragement.