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About Nippon Micrometal

Pioneering a new era
with innovative technology

Since its establishment in 1987, Nippon Micrometal has been contributing to the development of semiconductor industry with its solid technological capabilities. The advancement of electronic devices around us today was not possible without the evolution of semiconductor materials. With a challenging spirit in our heart, we have been creating materials of innovation. As a specialist of semiconductor materials, we will continue to contribute to the further development of society.


We manufacture bonding wires
and micro balls of high quality
and high reliability.

Why choose us

We pioneer new fields
with innovation

As a specialist manufacturer of bonding wire and micro ball, we have been pursuing new ideas and providing high-quality products. Meeting with each customer needs with flexibility in the fast-changing world of semiconductor, we have grown as a global company and have been leading the bonding wire market. Take a look at “Seven reasons why customers choose Nippon Micrometal”.