Achieving High Quality
Unparalleled technical capabilities

Front runner
of palladium coated
copper wire market

We have succeeded in the mass production of palladium coated copper (PCC) wire for the first time in the world. We pioneered the PCC market and have been leading the market since then.

Technological capability
that has changed
the over 50 years of gold wire history

EX wire realized the replacement of gold wire which had been the mainstream for more than 50 years. This was made possible by our R&D capability. Backed by our advanced technological capability, the potential of EX wire continues to expand.

Global production
and sales network

Having our production and sales sites across the world, we hold a global competitiveness and high production capability. We are committed to providing high quality products to our customers with reliable delivery around the world.

Advanced technical support

Our expert engineers will respond to your problem quickly whether it is in the form of on-site support or defect analysis. Our technical supports are highly valued by our customers along with our product quality and delivery standard. If you have any question or problem with wire bonding process, feel free to contact us.

Global patent network

Our patent network spans across the world with over 300 patents. Our sophisticated patent strategy ensures a stable supply of high-quality products to the market, and our customers can use our products with confidence.

Product lineup

Aside from EX series, we offer a wide range of products, including silver wire, bare copper wire, gold wire and aluminum wire, to meet each customer’s needs. The wire diameter can be ultra-thin for fine pitch application and very thick for power electronics as requested by customers.

Collective strength

Our close R&D cooperation with NIPPON STEEL group enables us to develop products of next generation in a timely manner. We resolve all the challenging problems with the group strength. The fusion of NIPPON STEEL’s world-leading metallurgy research capability and our advanced technological capability yields a new breakthrough.