Our corporate philosophy and code of conduct are used as a basis to
carry out our business. We are committed to fulfilling our
social responsibilities, creating new values, and contributing to greater social development.

Our Value

We recognize that we have an important role and influence as a member of electronics industry. Through our production and sales of bonding wires and micro balls, we are committed to earning a high level of trust and satisfaction from our customers, respond to requests from all our stakeholders including customers, suppliers, stockholders, employees, and local communities, and contribute to the development of society and economy by fulfilling our business responsibilities.

Management Principle

We are committed to
1. achieving a high level of trust and satisfaction from customers.
2. contributing to the development of society and economy through our products and services.
3. pioneering new business fields, taking new initiatives in responding to changes, and growing continuously.
4. developing human resources and a vibrant company.

Code of Conduct

We are committed to
1. providing a society with useful, high-quality, and safe products and services, and improving our technologies to gain more customer satisfaction and trust.
2. preserving environments and conserving resources.
3. realizing the well-being of our employees, providing safe, sound, and pleasant working environments, and respecting employees’ human rights, individuality, and diversity.
4. carrying out our business activities in a fair and transparent way with a good faith in accordance with laws, regulations, and social and business rules.
5. carrying out our business activities in accordance with individual country’s social norms, laws, regulations, culture, and customs with an awareness to global society.
6. having no relation with any anti-social entity and taking a firm attitude against any unjustifiable demand.
7. practicing the above code of conduct and strengthening the corporate structure for effective governance.