NIPPON MICROMETAL CORPORATION provides Bonding wire and Micro solder ball.

Company overview

Corporate Philosophy and Code of Conduct

The Nippon Micrometal Group uses a corporate philosophy and code of conduct as the basis for the way it carries out its business. We are accordingly committed to fulfilling our social responsibilities, creating new values, and contributing to greater social development.

Our Value

The Nippon Micrometal Group recognizes that it has an important role and influence as a member of the electronics industry. We are committed to fully satisfying our customers and earning high levels of trust by responding to requests from all our stakeholders, who include customers, suppliers, stockholders, employees, and local communities, through both manufacturing and marketing bonding wires and micro solder balls, which are important materials in for semiconductors. We also promise to contribute to the development of society and the economy while fulfilling our responsibilities as a business.

Management Principle

  1. We promise to achieve high levels of trust and satisfaction from customers.
  2. We promise to constantly contribute to the development of society and the economy via the provision of our products and services.
  3. We promise to consistently be a pioneer in new areas, take the initiative in responding to change, and constantly grow.
  4. We promise to place value on fostering employee growth and career development and thereby ensure the establishment of a vibrantly vital group.

Code of Conduct

  1. We promise to provide society with useful, high-quality, and safe products and services while also striving to improve our technological strengths every day in thereby gaining both consumer and customer satisfaction and trust.   
  2. We promise to preserve the global environment and conserve resources.
  3. We promise to realize the well-being of all our employees through company growth. We also promise to realize safe, sound, and comfortable work environments, respecting human rights, individuality, and the diversity of all our employees.
  4. We promise to carry out our business activities in a fair and transparent way, and in good-faith in accordance with social rules, laws, and regulations, while also paying respect to business operation rules. 
  5. We promise to be fully conscious of the global society when conducting business activities and with respect to individual country’s social norms, laws and regulations, cultures, and practices.  
  6. We promise to have nothing to do with anti-social groups and respond to any unjustifiable demands with a resolute attitude.  
  7. We promise to consistently put into practice this code of conduct, improve company regulations in establishing an even more effective structure, and then the further development of that structure.

October 1st, 2018
Nippon Micrometal Corporation
Takashi Yamada