NIPPON MICROMETAL CORPORATION provides Bonding wire and Micro solder ball.

Company overview

Quality and Environment

Quality and Environmental policy


General Policy: 


   NMC shall realize that we have responsibility to supply the connecting materials (Bonding Wire and Micro Solder

Ball) to electronics market with advanced technology and supply the reliable products steadily and effectively.


   Comply with the applicable law, regulation, social requirement and the other requirement which are defined by

NMC, and contribute to the society by the production which is considering environmental impact.


   Emphasize importance of Top Management Involvement, NMC shall maintain, control and improve QMS and

EMS continuously, and also improve their effectiveness.


   Ensure Quality Objectives and Environmental Objectives are established in each department and ensure their



   Quality and Environmental Policy shall be communicated and understood within our company. And according to

change of business condition, the Policies should be reviewed for continuing suitability accordingly.



1. Quality Policy 


     (1) Continuously brush up IATF16949 Management System and supply high quality products steadily. 

     (2) Improvement of the product quality in accordance with customer requirements is basic understanding,

           also improve or customize the product quality in accordance with each customer’ various condition.

     (3) Each department shall establish Quality Objectives each year and make actual plans for them 

           And proceed PDCA activities to achieve their targets.

     (4) Try to reduce variation of product quality by statistical analysis method. 

     (5) Align the product quality level among plants of NMC group.  

     (6) Develop the high reliable connecting materials to aim for replacement of Au wire. 

     (7) Research the change of market needs exactly and timely supply the products with originality. 

     (8) Try to improve productivity and reduce cost. 


2. Environmental Policy  


     (1) Identify Environmental Aspects accordingly and comply with their requirements.

     (2)  Each department shall establish Environmental Objectives and proceed environmental management

           activities to achieve their targets.

     (3) Control the substances which are used in our company or released from our company, including prevention

           of pollutions.

     (4) Try to reduce energy consumption and resource consumption.

     (5) Conduct internal audit (including Quality / Environment / Safety Patrol) to ensure the compliance with the

           above activities and improve Environmental Management System continuously.

     (6) Ensure that all of people working in our company and working for our company have awareness of

           applicable requirements with appropriate level and comply with the requirements accordingly.



These Quality and Environmental Policies are widely open to the public.


October 1st, 2018

Takashi Yamada