NIPPON MICROMETAL CORPORATION provides Bonding wire and Micro solder ball.

Product information

Fine Au Wire

About Bonding wire




Bonding wire is materials with Connectivity for semiconductor packaging conveys electrical signals to the outside of the semiconductor device.







These wires enable us to challenge the limites of bonding technologies through thnner wires,longer span and finer piches

Au 4N Series Wire (Au purity ≧ 99.99%)

AT series     Good for long span and fine pitch bonding.
・Wire span :7mm
・Loop height:90μm
・Pad pitch:60μm                   
・Breaking load(25μm):147mN(15g)   
T series  Versatile wire. T series can meet for long span bonding and trapezoid short span bonding for BGA and other many packages.

Alloy Wire (Au purity ≧ 99%)

G series G series can bond by 2N wire bonding parameter and it shows high reliability performance.