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Privacy Policy



   Recognizing the importance of protecting personal information, NSSMC and each of its group companies (collectively, "NSSMC Group") have adopted a privacy policy as described below with regard to any and all personal information collected and used in the course of business (the "Personal Information").


1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations, Conformity with Government Guidelines and Establishment of Company Rules

   (1)NSSMC Group will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant laws and regulations of Japan. It will also make efforts to conduct its business in accordance with guidelines set forth by governmental authorities of Japan.

   (2)NSSMC Group will make efforts to properly protect the Personal Information through the establishment of company rules with regard to the handling of the Personal Information.

   (3)NSSMC Group will ensure that its employees are aware of and understand the laws and regulations, guidelines and company rules described above. Furthermore, it will make endeavors to continuously review and amend this Privacy Policy and the company rules.


2.Basic Policy concerning Collection and Use of Personal Information

   (1)NSSMC Group will inform you, in as much detail as possible, of the purposes for which the Personal Information shall be used. Notification or public disclosure of the purposes of use will be made when the Personal Information is obtained from you directly. If, following the acquisition of Personal Information, there is a request from you for information regarding the purposes of use, NSSMC Group will make appropriate disclosure, except in cases where disclosure is exempted under laws and regulations.

   (2)NSSMC Group will use the Personal Information only within the scope of the purposes defined above. It will not change the purposes of use or provide the Personal Information to any third party without your prior consent. At your request, NSSMC Group will take appropriate actions, including notification to you of the purposes of use, disclosure or correction of data and suspension of use, except in cases where it is exempted from doing so under laws and regulations.

   (3)NSSMC Group will make efforts to keep the Personal Information as accurate and updated as possible, and will take measures to protect the Personal Information from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leak and other accidents.

   (4)In the case that handling of the Personal Information is entrusted to a third party, NSSMC Group will stipulate in the relevant contract the management responsibilities of such third party, and take other appropriate measures.


3.Inquiries on Personal Information

   Inquiries or other comments with regard to the handling of the Personal Information should be directed to the department to which you provided your Personal Information. In the case that you are not sure where to contact, please call the representative phone number of NSSMC or that of its group companies.